Explore the treasures near Logroño: towns and landscapes that surround this jewel of La Rioja

Welcome to a tour full of discoveries in charming Logroño and its surrounding treasures. On this trip, we will explore the charms that make this city an unmissable destination. From the vibrant tourist destinations to the serenity of the nearby towns, every corner of Logroño and La Rioja is a gem waiting to be discovered. With the Hostal Rioja Condestable as a base, the experience promises to be unforgettable.

Exploring the nearby towns

Beyond lively Logroño, the surrounding towns of La Rioja pique the traveler's curiosity with their picturesque charm and authenticity. Here we present five gems that are worth a visit, each with its own history and unique characteristics.

1. Haro: The Wine Capital of La Rioja

Just 40 minutes by car from Logroño, Haro stands as the wine capital of La Rioja. Its century-old wineries, such as the famous Bodega Muga, offer unforgettable tastings. Stroll through the Plaza de la Paz, discover the architecture of the Church of Santo Tomás and don't miss the Battle of Wine, a unique festivity that transforms the streets into a sea of ​​color.

2. Briones: A Medieval Corner Among Vineyards

Surrounded by vineyards and crowned by its impressive Davalillo Castle, Briones transports visitors to the Middle Ages. Walk through its narrow cobblestone streets, visit the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture and enjoy the panoramic views from the Plaza de la Iglesia. Briones is an architectural jewel that fuses history and nature.

3. Laguardia: Medieval Treasure on the Top of the Mountain

Located about an hour from Logroño, Laguardia captivates with its medieval walls and cobbled streets. This walled town is known for its underground cellars, which form a fascinating labyrinth. Explore the Plaza Mayor, visit the Church of Santa María and immerse yourself in the essence of La Rioja's wine culture.

4. Ezcaray: Tradition and Nature in Harmony

About two hours by car from Logroño, Ezcaray is a pearl nestled in the Sierra de la Demanda. This mountain town offers a unique combination of tradition and nature. Stroll through the Plaza del Quemao, explore the architecture of the Church of Santa María and enjoy the proximity to the Valdezcaray ski resort in winter.

5. Nájera: History on the Banks of the Najerilla River

Nájera, just 30 minutes by car, is located on the banks of the Najerilla River and is steeped in history. Visit the Monastery of Santa María la Real, which houses royal pantheons, and stroll across the San Juan de Ortega Bridge. The Dinosaur Route, near Nájera, offers a fascinating experience for lovers of paleontology.

Can you allow us some advice?

As you explore these towns, immerse yourself in their local traditions, sample regional cuisine, and don't hesitate to ask the locals about their favorite places. Each town has its own magic, and you will discover that La Rioja goes beyond Logroño, offering authentic experiences in every corner.

The Impressive Nature of La Rioja

Exploring La Rioja is entering a landscape that combines the serenity of the vineyards with the majesty of its mountains. Every corner of this region reveals a unique harmony with nature, inviting you to discover some of its most picturesque places and natural jewels.

1. Sierra de Cebollera: A Natural Refuge

The Sierra de Cebollera, a short distance from Logroño, is a natural refuge that captivates with its diversity. Its dense beech and fir forests offer a stunning setting, ideal for hiking trails. The Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park has the source of the Iregua River, a place of indescribable beauty.

2. Laguna Negra: A Mountain Mirror

Emblem of the Sierra de Cebollera, the Laguna Negra is a treasure surrounded by myths and legends. This lake of glacial origin, perched in a mountain cirque, reflects the surrounding peaks. Recommendation: Visit in different seasons to experience its transformation, from winter stillness to spring life.

3. Leza River Canyon: Between Cliffs and Crystal Clear Waters

The Leza River Canyon, near Soto en Cameros, offers a dramatic landscape with its cliffs and crystal clear waters. Ideal for hiking, this canyon reveals the natural sculpture of the rock over the centuries. We recommend exploring the Fuente de los Romeros Trail for a complete experience.

4. Sierra de la Demanda Natural Park: Nature in its Pure State

The Sierra de la Demanda, home of Ezcaray, presents a natural spectacle like no other. Its peaks, such as San Lorenzo, provide impressive panoramic views. Tip: Explore the Black Tejera Forest, where the yew forests create a magical and ancient atmosphere.

5. Ocón Valleys: Vineyards and Tradition

In the Ocón Valleys, the fusion of vineyards and nature creates an exceptional landscape. Travel the Route of the Cave Wineries to discover ancient troglodyte constructions among vineyards. Recommendation: Try local wines in the area's wineries and immerse yourself in the wine tradition of La Rioja.

Whatever natural corner you choose to explore in La Rioja, respect and appreciate its fragility. The natural jewels of the region are treasures that deserve to be cared for for future generations. Enjoy the wonder of La Rioja in its purest state!

Planning Excursions from Logroño:

Planning exciting excursions from Logroño becomes the next chapter of this adventure. With Hostal Rioja Condestable as a strategic base, you can explore the diversity of La Rioja. Each excursion is an opportunity to discover new landscapes, local traditions and authentic experiences that will enrich your trip.

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In conclusion, this trip through the treasures near Logroño promises an enriching experience. Each keyword, from Logroño tourism to Discover La Rioja, is an echo of the emotions that await. Are you ready to embark on this adventure? Plan your trip, discover the magic of Logroño and immerse yourself in the authenticity of La Rioja from Hostal Rioja Condestable. Your journey starts now!