Explore the authentic flavors of La Rioja on the legendary Calle del Laurel in Logroño

La Rioja, a land of deep-rooted gastronomic traditions, is presented as a delight for lovers of good food. In the heart of this region is the emblematic Laurel Street in Logroño, a corner that breathes culinary authenticity. In this post we will guide you through a unique experience where you can discover the authentic flavors of La Rioja.

Discovering Calle del Laurel

To the magic from Laurel Street Logroño wakes up with every step. This famous street is much more than just a road; is a Gastronomica route that takes you through a succulent tasting odyssey. Each establishment tells its own story in the rich gastronomic culture of Logroño. The unique experience of tasting on Calle del Laurel invites you to explore the diversity of authentic flavors of La Rioja, from classics to culinary innovations.

This iconic corner of La Rioja is much more than a simple street; is the beating heart of the local food scene. Walking along its cobblestones, you will immerse yourself in a unique experience, where the tempting aromas and vibrant atmosphere invite you to explore every corner. Here we present the most notable features of this emblematic street and some tips to make the most of your visit.

The charm of Calle del Laurel

The Laurel Street Logroño It is a succession of narrow cobbled streets full of bars and restaurants. Its charm lies in the diversity of establishments it offers, from traditional taverns to modern gastronomic establishments. The typical architecture of the region merges with the lively energy of locals and visitors, creating an authentic and welcoming experience.

To enjoy the experience to the fullest, don't forget:

  • Explore without haste. The magic of Calle del Laurel is best revealed when you take the time to explore every corner. Walk slowly, absorb the atmosphere and stop at the places that capture your attention.
  • Find the ideal schedule. Activity on Calle del Laurel comes alive mainly during tapas hours, around midday and afternoon. Visiting it at this time will allow you to enjoy the gastronomic experience to the fullest.

The offer of bars and restaurants in the Laurel Street Logroño is awesome. From classic taverns to more modern establishments, each establishment has its own charm. Some iconic places include “El Rincón de Pepe”, known for its grilled shrimp, and “Bar Soriano”, famous for its garlic mushrooms. Explore different options and discover your own favorites.

Unforgettable tapas and pintxos

Get ready for an explosion of flavors with the tapas and pintxos of Calle del Laurel. Each establishment competes to offer unique creations. Don't miss the patatas bravas at “Taberna Ángel”, the stuffed peppers at “La Taberna del Laurel”, or the pintxos made at “Bar Charly”. Remember that the local tradition is to accompany each tapa with a wine from La Rioja for a complete experience.

Choose the perfect accommodation

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